Overwatch 2 brings back Hanzo’s most powerful ability for Valentine’s Day event

Overwatch 2 Hanzo headerBlizzard

Overwatch 2’s Valentine’s Day event just added in a unique game mode focusing on the popular hero Hanzo, this one-off mode also marking the return of one of Hanzo’s oldest and most beloved abilities, the Scatter Arrow.

With each new Overwatch 2 event comes a special game mode. One that fits the theme of the event while also offering up a free and original gaming experience for Overwatch 2 players. For Overwatch 2’s Valentine’s Day event, devs Blizzard have decided to make the holiday game mode all about fan-favorite character Hanzo.

This new Love of Geometry experience is a 4v4 Team Deathmatch, with all eight players all having to play as Cupid Hanzo. This battle of the Hanzos also re-introduces the character’s Scatter Arrow ability.

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For those who may have jumped on board the Overwatch train for the sequel, Hanzo’s Scatter Arrow was one of his original abilities. When fired, it splits into multiple arrows and can even ricochet multiple times before vanishing. 

However, the ability was removed in 2018, with Blizzard choosing to replace it with the current Storm Arrow ability. This decision resulted in players complaining about how overpowered Scatter Arrow was in the original build of the game.

Overwatch fans are happy that Hanzo’s Scatter Arrow is back

Overwatch players who remember Scatter Arrow are excited to see it come back, even if it is only for a limited time. One Reddit user wrote, “dude yes I miss scatter. I wish they just reworked it rather than removed it totally.”

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And while others did acknowledge that Storm Arrow is a similar style of ability, it doesn’t compare to the power of Scatter Arrow. “Sometimes cool to finish someone around a corner but it’s not the same as 1-tapping all tanks with one ability,” wrote another Reddit user.

Overwatch 2’s new Love of Geometry experience is live, so feel free to dive straight into the game and test your Scatter Arrow skills against other players. However, the event will be ending on February 28, so be sure to give it a go between now and the end of the month.

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