Overwatch 2 players find perfect next anime crossover with Fullmetal Alchemist

overwatch 2 anime crossoverActivision Blizzard, Square Enix

Given Blizzard Entertainment’s announcement of a One Punch Man collab, Overwatch 2 players have begun discussing another anime crossover they’d like to see.

Blizzard will soon join the IP collaboration game, having recently revealed a One Punch Man crossover. The new content arrives on Tuesday, March 7 in the form of cosmetics from the popular anime series.

Thus far, the studio has only showcased a Saitama-inspired skin for Overwatch 2’s Doomfist. Blizzard plans to share details about the other unspecified cosmetics, one of which includes a Legendary skin, in the lead-up to the March release date.

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Of course, players have already started building a wishlist of anime properties that would fit perfectly in the world of Overwatch.

Overwatch 2 fans want FMA as the next anime crossover

Since anime content is “now on the menu,” Reddit user Imzocrazy thinks it only makes sense for Ashe and B.O.B to receive Edward and Alphonse Elric skins.

It’s a pretty genius matchup, especially since Alphonse’s suit of armor would complement B.O.B’s omnic design. The Reddit post’s 2,000-plus upvotes indicate many an Overwatch fan agrees.

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Several Reddit users have their own ideas of how else Fullmetal Alchemist could pair with Overwatch. For example, one person suggested an Armstrong skin for Doomfist should launch with Overwatch 2’s anime crossover.

And someone else dreamt up rather fitting Roy Mustang/Soldier 76 and Izumi/Junker Queen mashups.

It presently remains unclear how deep into the anime well Blizzard will delve with future IP collabs. At the very least, it seems Overwatch 2 fans will have plenty to look forward to come Tuesday, March 7.

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Until then, players can enjoy a host of other Overwatch 2 Season 3 goodies, which includes a new Control map, another batch of Battle Pass rewards, and the Loverwatch dating sim that arrives on February 13.