Overwatch 2 Ana funko pop hit by stray bullet and almost loses another eye

Overwatch 2 AnaBlizzard

An Overwatch 2 player has taken to Reddit to share the ironic accident that occurred to their Ana funko pop after a stray bullet almost took the hero out for a second time.

One of the best things about Overwatch is its attention to detail regarding its heroes. Each has its own, often touching backstory, which helps flesh out the characters and allows players to truly step into their shoes.

This is entirely the case for Ana, a sniper who, while in the line of duty on a hostage rescue mission, was believed to have been killed by Widowmaker. Thankfully, she survived, receiving a nearly fatal shot to one of her eyes, hence the eyepatch.

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Such an event almost happened again when one player took to Reddit to share an image of their Ana pop figure after two stray bullets nearly caused her to lose her other eye.

Ana funko pop almost loses other eye to stray bullet

Posting the image, the Reddit user explained how their Ana pop figure “suffered an unfortunate and ironic accident when two stray bullets went through my living room” and hit the wall, and just above the figure’s head. Thankfully no one was injured and these were the only damages.

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The poster saw the funny side of the ironic accident and, aside from concerned commenters, many others joked about the irony behind the placement of the bullet.

“At least it didn’t take out her other eye!” joked one commenter, referencing the proximity to her eyepatch rather than her intact eye.

Another referenced her initial attacker, poking fun at Widowmaker by stating “looks at Widowmaker you missed” further commenting on her rather tragic but lucky backstory.

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One Overwatch fan felt sorry for poor Ana, joking that “even after being turned into a funko pop she can’t catch a break.”

Thankfully, no one was harmed and the stray bullets narrowly missed poor Ana, lodging themselves in the wall and the box.

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