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“Overbean” is the Overwatch & Mr. Bean crossover you didn’t know you needed

Published: 26/Apr/2021 1:06

by Theo Salaun


Overwatch is no stranger to crossover content, particularly with other Blizzard Entertainment titles — but a new fanmade “Overbean” creation introduces a wildly different hero to the game: Mr. Bean.

Overwatch and Mr. Bean do not have very much in common. One is a tactical first-person shooter multiplayer title that debuted in 2016 and now enjoys millions of players worldwide and a full esport league. The other is a British sitcom that debuted in 1990, albeit one that has been enjoyed by millions in the years since.

But, like the Seven Wonders of the World, incredible creations don’t have to make sense; they just have to be wonderful. And, by all accounts, Overbean is most certainly wonderful (and most certainly makes zero sense).


Posted on Reddit by ‘fulltimespy,’ this bizarre crossover creation has seemingly brought confused delight to thousands of Overwatch (and Mr. Bean) fans. A two-plus-minute video, it follows the efforts of Rowan Atkinson’s Mr. Bean, who tries to navigate the perils of Overwatch combat.

A day in the life of Overbean from Overwatch

Atkinson has described Mr. Bean, the lovable doofus his sitcom was named after, as “a child in a grown man’s body.” That’s pretty apt, as the character approaches the world of Overwatch with childlike curiosity (and, quite reasonably, some adult-like apprehension).

From moseying about Volskaya Industries to donning a swimsuit in the warm Temple of Anubis map, Mr. Bean seems quite at home in Overwatch’s universe. The only problem? There are other heroes who have made the world their home, and they’re pretty scary.


Lessons are quickly learned for Mr. Bean, who is unable to defeat a turret-form Bastion with his…hip thrusts. In Anubis, he is also unable to withstand the frightening perch that a friendly Widowmaker controls. While Overwatch’s surprisingly friendly characters try to welcome the new hero, he proceeds to flip them all off while driving around Oasis.

overwatch mercy
Blizzard Entertainment
Mr. Bean even ignored Mercy — what kind of rude person would do that?

Is it rude to flip people off after they try to welcome you into their animated universe? Sure. Is it entirely okay because literally none of this makes sense? 100%. As Redditor ‘TediousSandwich’ responds, “this is really weird and I don’t understand it, but this is also INCREDIBLE.”


No one really knows why Overbean exists or what its future holds, but we can all simply bask in its glory. The video ends with a “Goodbye, Papa Jeff,” so maybe it’s just one fan’s way of processing Jeff Kaplan’s surprise departure. But there will be no coping-mechanism judgment here — only appreciation for art.