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Original Overwatch skin idea makes Reinhardt perfect for karaoke

Published: 29/Mar/2020 19:51

by Bill Cooney


A new idea for a Reinhardt skin finally gives the Overwatch shield tank an outfit to match his epic karaoke performances.

Several heroes have the ability to sing at the microphone in the karaoke parlor spawn room on Busan, but Rein was one of the first who was able to do so back when the map was added.

Now, Reddit user MrChumpii has created a skin design that would be perfect for Reinhardt to rock while he’s jamming out before a match.

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Right away you’ll notice that “Party Animal” Reinhardt, as the skin idea is called, boasts some of the most impressive heads of hair in all of Overwatch.


A glorious blonde afro sits atop Reinhardt’s head, and he even has a little purple pick stuck in the top to touch it up after it gets out of place during team fights.

His armor is silver and gold, with green and purple baubles along with mirrored disco ball panels spread out across it. Even his little glasses are colored purple and green as well.

There’s also a cryptic “70” written on Rein’s girdle armor, we know from Overwatch lore that Rein is supposed to be in his early sixties, so perhaps MrChumpii just took a guess at it instead.


A Rein skin like this would be an instant hit with Overwatch players.

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The hammer for Party Animal Reinhardt (or “Partyhardt” as one clever user suggested), might be one of the best ideas for the tank’s weapon yet: a giant disco ball.

Rein’s funky armament looks like it was ripped directly from the ceiling of Busan’s spawn after an especially intense karaoke session got out of control.

Chumpii also envisioned the skin playing some kind of music as well, similar to how Lucio has songs coming from his kit.

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Reinhardt players are about due for a new skin, too.

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It’s been many moons since we’ve seen a new Reinhardt skin come out, so it might be worth keeping an eye out for new cosmetics coming for the crusader in 2020.


He may have struck out for Archives this year, but we’ll only have to wait about a month until May, for when the Anniversary event usually begins to get another opportunity.