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Original D.Va concept could be the perfect Overwatch summer skin

Published: 9/Jul/2019 21:18 Updated: 9/Jul/2019 21:51

by Bill Cooney


One Overwatch fan and artist has created a fantastic skin concept for D.Va that would be an amazing addition to the upcoming Summer Games event.

D.Va got her famous “Waveracer” skin for Summer Games 2018, but based on how she’s been nerfed over the last 12 months, the least Blizzard could do for D.Va players is to give her another new skin.

Character and concept artist Max Simoneau created a very Summer skin for D.Va that would definitely be a hit with fans, even if it wouldn’t make up for those nerfs.

Max SimoneauClear the beaches, Shark D.Va has arrived.

You’re going to need a bigger boat

Simoneau decided to turn D.Va’s mech into a shark with the “Shar.K” skin and the combination actually works incredibly well.


The windscreen has been made into the shark’s teeth, the body has been made grey with fins on top and a large tail has been added to the back to turn D.Va into the apex predator she’s meant to be.

Max SimoneauShar.K would be a hit with the D.Va mains.

The mech and D.Va herself both have neon green lighting that would really pop on any night map, like Lijiang Tower and they don’t look too bad during the day either.

While her mech was made into a man-eater, D.Va has been given her very own scuba gear that gives her a face mask and some underwater webbing.


Although we don’t get a look at D.Va’s pistol in this concept, based on how the mech looks her golden guns would probably look just fine along with Simoneau’s shark skin.

Instead of getting ready for some fun in the sun in her Waveracer skin, Shark D.Va is a bit more tactical and looks like she’s going on a Special Ops mission – but would still make a perfect skin for Summer Games.

Max SimoneauSummer Games, here we come.

When do the Summer Games start?

We don’t have an exact date for when Overwatch’s Summer Games event will get going this year, but Jeff Kaplan did say in an interview a few months ago that it would be near the beginning of August.


Even though we might not know the exact start date, we can be sure that the event will bring back Lucioball and a bunch of new skins and other cosmetics, hopefully with plenty for D.Va.

John Gotch/Blizzard EntertainmentHopefully we’ll get a new D.Va skin this Summer Games.

There’s no exact date for the start of Summer Games yet, but at least fans know that the next event will probably start in about a month at the time of writing.