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Official Overwatch art contest shows incredible new map designs

Published: 21/May/2020 21:42

by Michael Gwilliam


Blizzard Taiwan let Overwatch players and fans create their own maps as part of a special art contest and the results are so cool, we can only hope they’ll be added for the game’s sequel.

The art features a magnitude of real-world locations modified to fit into the Overwatch universe.

One of the coolest designs include a futuristic version of San Francisco dubbed “Sector-5FCO.” The map art shows off hero Baptiste overlooking the cityscape as cable cars and drones fly off in the distance.

Another neat map is the Philippine city of Davo with urban infrastructure, clock towers, and even a 7-Eleven storefront for some extra realism.


“While making the map design, I thought of it to be played for 2CP mode,” artist Alben Tan wrote.

For fans of water and South East Asian vacations, another artist designed a map based off Amphawa in Thailand.

This map concept would be a first for Overwatch with the payload in the water. “…The players need to carry on and defend the payload on water,” Chutaros explained. “Even payload is on the water but players still can walk near payload by using wayside up-down and cross the bridge.”

Fans from all over can vote on which map design they like best with the winners being announced on June 12.



The artist dubbed “Map master” will win a Nintendo Switch and copy of Overwatch while the “Map design specialist” will earn a Mercy statue.

With Overwatch 2 bringing in new maps, game modes, and story missions, it will be neat to see if any of these designs end up getting used by Blizzard at some point.

It will be especially interesting to see if any of the underwater maps get used, considering Blizzard themselves seems to have teased the possibility of a water-based map as part of the ongoing Anniversary event.