New York Excelsior’s Pine Hits Widowmaker Trickshot While Dominating Dallas Fuel

Joe O'Brien
Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

New York Excelsior’s Kim ‘Pine’ Do-hyeon took to shooting trick-shots against Dallas Fuel in another dominant performance.

Big Boss Pine continues to live up to his name, devastating his opponents in incredible style.

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There are a lot of incredibly skilled DPS players in the Overwatch League, with several standing out on Widowmaker in particular, but there’s a flamboyance to Pine’s play-style that is truly unique to him.

While he isn’t even a full-time starting player on his own team, in the time he has played Pine must have generated more highlight-worthy plays than most of the rest of the league combined. His willingness to take risks and show off is no small part of that.

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Against the Dallas Fuel, Pine demonstrated that play-style with another signature performance, demolishing Dallas with incredible Widowmaker play.

It was later in the map that Pine really began to show off, however. After the Excelsior moved onto their own offence, Pine went for maximum style points by landing a 360 mid-air shot on Dallas support player Benjamin ‘uNKOE’ Chevasson.

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The New York Excelsior swept Dallas Fuel aside 4-0, advancing to an 8-1 record in Stage 3. With NYXL facing Shanghai Dragons in their last match of the stage it is very likely that they will end at 9-1.

Whether or not they can take the top seed going into the stage playoffs will be determined by Boston Uprising’s final match of the stage, against LA Gladiators. If the Uprising remain unbeaten, NYXL will finish in second, but if Boston loses New York will clinch first on map difference.