New Overwatch Experimental Card update: Patch notes, release date, more

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The new Overwatch Experimental Card has been announced, including the full patch notes and when the update will go live on servers.

Overwatch has been giving the community a chance to contribute to the game’s balancing through Experimental Cards, which spice things up quite a bit.

The previous iteration of this received great feedback from across the Overwatch community, and now, a new set of alterations have been announced.

Here’s more on when they’ll be hitting live servers as well as the full patch notes.

Overwatch Experimental Card release date

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This new Experimental Patch looks to be as explosive as they come.

The latest Overwatch Experimental Card was announced in full on February 10 and is now live on all servers.

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As usual, this is accessible from the game’s main menu and does not replace the standard balancing for Competitive or Quick Play.

All 32 heroes balanced in Experimental Card

This new card was balanced, in part, by several members of the OW community, including ML7, LemonKiwi, Jake, and Wanted. Each had responsibility for certain roles. Per the official blog, this card will “feature over-the-top balance changes coming directly from Overwatch content creators.”

In doing this, all 32 heroes received significant changes that should prove to make the mode a breath of fresh air, no matter what hero you like to play.

Have you wanted to be able to Charge multiple heroes as Reinhardt? Now you can! Miss having Symmetra as a Support hero? Well, she’s back to her roots in this update.

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It’s safe to say that this will be one that players will not soon forget.

Experimental Card patch notes

Overwatch 2 hero redesignsActivision Blizzard
Enjoy playing the new and improved DPS lineup in this Experimental Patch!

Because the patch notes include sizable changes for all 32 of the game’s heroes, they are too lengthy to be added here.

Instead, they can be seen in full on the official patch notes blog post, or simply by hopping on to live Overwatch servers and trying out the wackiness for yourself.

We will continue to monitor the community’s reaction to these changes and provide updates to our OW hub accordingly. Stay tuned!