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New Overwatch easter egg spotted in World of WarCraft’s Mechagon

Published: 22/Apr/2019 22:13 Updated: 22/Apr/2019 22:32

by Bill Cooney


World of WarCraft players have discovered a hilarious reference to Overwatch, another Blizzard game, in a recent update for the popular MMO.

World of Warcraft and Overwatch are both made by Blizzard Entertainment, and both games have several references to each other hidden throughout.

Overwatch obviously has an entire section of its Blizzard World map dedicated to WarCraft, but Blizzard’s MMO has some less obvious Overwatch references as well, including a new one added during a recent update.

Blizzard EntertainmentMechagon island is one of World of Warcraft’s newest areas.

Junkrat and Roadhog in Azeroth?

The reference was discovered by players on WoW’s PTR server in the new “Mechagon” area coming in patch 8.2.0.

Two NPCs named “RoadTrogg” and “Junkbrat” were found in the ruined city by players exploring the new area before the patch goes live.

The cheekily named NPC’s even resemble their Overwatch counterparts. Roadtrogg has a gas mask on his head and carries around a big hook, while Junkbrat had the necessary hair and what looks like a grenade launcher.

Exactly what role the pair of NPCs will play in the new area is still unknown, but Roadtrogg and Junkbrat are just the latest Overwatch references in WoW.


Other Overwatch references in World of Warcraft

Junkbrat and Roadtrogg aren’t the only NPCs made with a nod towards Overwatch, there’s an entire Brawler’s Guild fight filled with Overwatch heroes including NPC’s based on Junkrat, Winston and McCree.

Another one of the Brawler’s Guilds fights is even called “Ogrewatch” and some of the unused assets were NPC models for Blinker (Tracer), Boargut (Roadhog), Render (Reaper) and Steingardt (Reinhardt).

There are also a number of Overwatch themed items in WoW as well, Mei’s Endothermic blaster was a toy during the Winterveil event and there’s even a young Winston available to players as a pet.


Simple Overwatch trick lets any hero reach King’s Row high ground

Published: 26/Oct/2020 23:34

by Bill Cooney


A surprisingly simple Overwatch trick is making the rounds that lets any hero in the game reach the high ground of the King’s Row attacking spawn.

King’s Row might be one of the original Overwatch maps, but it has definitely stood the test of time and is still one of players’ favorites when it comes up in the queue.

One of the most popular features on the map is the little sniper’s nest platform located at the very top of the first attacking spawn that gives a commanding view of everything up to the capture point.

It seems like only heroes with movement abilities like Pharah, Widow, or D.Va for example could get up there, but there is a way to get any hero in the game up to the position as well.

King's Row Attacking spawnThe sniper’s nest has been there since day one, but not every hero has been able to get up there, until now.

The person we have to thank for this technique is Reddit user jordensmet who somehow discovered that you can use a more mobile character to reach the space, then quickly change to another.

First, they select Baptiste and use his Exo Boots to boost up to the second-highest level, just under the top platform. Once there, they position themselves on top of the scaffolding in front of the main exit and jump again while barely touching the spawn room.

If you pull up the Hero Select menu at the right time, you’ll be able to switch to any hero you like. So if you’ve never had the chance to try out Ana, McCree, or whoever else from on high, now’s your chance.

I found a way to get the highground on the attacking side of King’s row for Ana (or other characters that usually can’t get there). from Overwatch

For instance, if you really want to catch an aggressive enemy team off-guard, why not take Reinhardt for a spin and hit them with a charge from the very top rope. For those wondering, yes, a Rein charge out of the top window will get you all the way to Mondatta’s statue, so make sure your team is ready to push!

One final note to add is that doesn’t necessarily have to be Baptiste that you use for this trick either, Echo and Pharah would both work, and if you’re really fast and in need of a challenge, you can even get it to go with Sombra’s Translocator as long as your timing is absolutely perfect.