New Overwatch 2 voice line makes D.Va self aware

Blizzard Entertainment

One of the many new voice lines in Overwatch 2 has D.Va reference one of her most popular nicknames after getting a kill.

Overwatch 2 is bringing a ton of new content in the way of cosmetics and voice lines, and players have started to notice just how meta some of D.Va’s new interactions are.

D.Va is one of Overwatch’s most unique heroes, being the only one who has two forms — her Meka Tokki and Pilot, the latter of which has far less HP.

This smaller, more vulnerable form is often called “baby D.Va” by players, but one of the tank’s newest voice lines actually takes aim at this popular nickname.

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Dva has a buff in ow2Blizzard Entertainment
“Baby” D.Va has a whole new look in Overwatch 2, and a ton of new voice lines as well.

Don’t “baby” D.Va

Midway through the second Overwatch 2 beta — which ends on July 18 — players discovered a brand new voice line that happens when D.Va gets a kill in pilot form.

Just after taking an enemy down, she’ll proudly tell them “Don’t call me baby,” an obvious reference to her nickname of the last six years.

To hear this line for yourself, all you need to do is score a kill with D.Va while out of her Mech in Overwatch 2.

If you’re wondering what “Tokki” is as well, it’s the name of her Meka, and means “rabbit” in Korean.

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This is far from the only new voice line and interaction D.Va has in Overwatch 2. Fans of the Korean pop-star/pro gamer have already been hard at work tracking them all down — and spoiler: they’re pretty much all cute as heck.

D.Va has one of the most devoted following of any hero in Overwatch, and it seems like devs have given her mains plenty of treats for the next iteration of the game.