New Overwatch 2 “pay to lose” skin gives players major disadvantages in-game

medusa ow2 skinBlizzard Entertainment

A new Overwatch 2 Medusa skin is being dubbed “pay to lose” by players for giving them some big disadvantages if they have it equipped in matches.

The upcoming Overwatch 2 Battle for Olympus event is finally making use of all those Greek skins players have been unlocking, but Widowmaker’s cosmetics are creating some big issues.

Skins in Overwatch aren’t meant to provide any sort of advantage or disadvantage and are supposed to be solely cosmetic. Over the years, however, there has been some debate over some skins seemingly affecting gameplay.

With some having unique effects and others including special ability voice lines, sometimes players can be caught off guard, but with the newest Widowmaker Medusa skin, there seems to be no arguing that it creates issues.

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Widowmaker Medusa skin gives OW2 players a big disadvantage

In a post on social media, Twitch streamer and Widowmaker main Kephrii, explained how the Medusa skin isn’t helping anyone who has it equipped.

Basically, the skin itself makes so much noise that it prevents players from being able to hear enemy footsteps – a major drawback when you’re so vulnerable scoped in as Widow.

That’s not all though. The snakes on the skin also give away your position and unlike in Greek mythology, they won’t be able to turn your opponents into stone.

“The new Medusa skin is so loud it actively punishes you for using it. Not only can you not hear enemy footsteps you also can’t hide either,” the Twitch streamer said. “The enemy team can hear the snakes/hair on the Medusa skin & pinpoint your location from them.”

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In the comments, users criticized the skin, calling it “pay to lose,” but players are happy at least that it’s not providing any sort of edge.

“Pay to lose, the only way it should be,” replied one OW2 fan.

It’s not clear yet if Blizzard has any plans to update the skin’s sound to avoid these problems. Until then, it’s probably a good idea to avoid using this skin in your ranked games unless you want to make the game harder.