NBA video producer makes an awesome Overwatch-style intro for the Dallas Mavericks

by Bill Cooney
Blizzard Entertainment/NBA


Reddit user thankstowlie is a big Overwatch fan, they also happen to be in charge of in-game media for the Dallas Mavericks, and recently got the chance to make an awesome Overwatch video featuring NBA stars.


The Mavericks are no strangers to esports, being one of the first NBA teams to field a team in the NBA 2K league.

While we don't know for sure whether the video will be used during a game, this is one of the first times any professional team outside of Overwatch League has produced such a great crossover video.


The video features the starting lineup of the Dallas Mavericks doing hilarious highlight intros, before cutting to in-game shots of the athletes, like power forward Dirk Nowitzki as Soldier: 41, complete with Overwatch special effects.

According to thankstowlie, Luka Dončić of the Mavericks is a big Overwatch fan and really wanted to do the Hanzo highlight intro for the video, but since Wesley Matthews does a bow action after he makes a basket, Dončić got stuck with Junkrat.


The name of the video: Maverwatch, fits perfectly and the branding throughout is spot on which really ties the whole thing together.

There are several Overwatch League franchises who share ownership with NBA teams, so we could see more hilarious crossover videos as Overwatch League Season Two draws ever closer.