Multiple Overwatch 2 “cyber” skins leaked in expo panel presentation

overwatch 2 skinsBlizzard Entertainment

A wave of upcoming Overwatch 2 skins have been leaked following their appearance at a Blizzard presentation.

The first-ever Overwatch 2 season is upon us. After a somewhat chaotic launch period, the free-to-play sequel has stabilized resulting in a record-breaking player count.

To kick off OW2’s first season, the Battle Pass theme is cyberpunk and has all sorts of cosmetics centered around cyber enhancements for several of the game’s heroes.

As it turns out, more skins are on the way and Blizzard showcased them to those in attendance for a presentation at Lightbox Expo 2022.

New Mythic Genji Overwatch 2 skin.Blizzard
More cyberpunk-themed skins are on the way.

New Overwatch 2 skins leaked

During a presentation titled “Creating Iconic Heroes with the Overwatch Team,” a video was oplayed and revealed some upcoming hero skins. The footage was filmed by Twitter user ‘Proofyy_’ and shared on the platform.

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Keeping with the cyberpunk theme, new skins were shown off for Hanzo, Roadhog, Zenyatta, and Widowmaker.

The cyber Hanzo skin in particular has a lot in common with the Mythic Genji skin that players can unlock by leveling up their Battle Pass to level 80, though it doesn’t seem to be as customizable.

There’s no telling how much these skins will cost or when they’ll be added, but the theme suggests they may be coming out sometime this season.

So far, players have been very vocal about skin pricing in Overwatch 2, blasting Blizzard for overcharging for cosmetics. Blizzard has yet to respond to the criticism, but the company might acknowledge the feedback depending on how these new skins are priced.

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We’ll have to wait and see what the future holds, especially as a Halloween event with a long-awaited expansion to Junkenstein’s Revenge coming later this month.