MonteCristo reveals disturbing sexual harassment incident in OWL resulted in “deadends”

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MonteCristo reveals disturbing sexual harassment incident in OWL resulted in "deadends"
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Former Overwatch League commentator MonteCristo revealed some more details about sexual harassment during his time with the OWL. This information surfaced in relation to the lawsuit against Activision Blizzard.

Christopher ‘MonteCristo’ Mykles spent two years with the Overwatch League and Activision Blizzard as a caster and analyst.

The company has since had a lawsuit dropped on their doorsteps reporting multiple cases of sexual harassment and unfair treatment in the work place.

MonteCristo has recently revaled some details about an incident he witnessed that he described as “egregious” and played a big factor in his decision to leave.

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MonteCristo says that witnessing sexual harassment while with the company led to his decision to leave.

MonteCristo says he witnessed sexual harassment while with OWL

While appearing on “The Four Horsemen” a show where trending esports news is covered and talked about, MonteCristo brings up a specific case that he saw first hand while with the OWL.

Starts at 1:38:12

Mykles mentions that he has not brought this up before because he didn’t want that person to relive their abuse and said “it is not my story to tell.” He does go into the details of his experience when trying to get this situation resolved within the company.

MonteCristo said there was an incident, which didn’t feature a female as thereby wouldn’t be mentioned in the lawsuit, occurred with about a dozen witnesses. He claims he went to seven different people who all were higher up than the person that he thought was being sexually harassed.

Monte said that there was a settlement reached where the people involved in this incident were told to not interact anymore. He went on to add that this was never enforced and all his conversations with superiors were “deadends.”

Mykles said it took over a year for this incident to get resolved and by that time another case popped up involving the same person and the company set up an investigation.

Overwatch League makes a statement

The Overwatch League has released a statement saying “There is no place for discrimination, harassment, or unequal treatment of any kind.”

At this point there has been no official statement from Overwatch itself, despite a company-wide walkout in protest of sexual harassment and for change to come.

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