Moira Overwatch skin has a hidden “Pokemon” that you’ll never unsee

Alan Bernal
moira pokeball overwatch
Blizzard / The Pokémon Company

The Overwatch community can’t unsee a ‘Pokemon’ in the middle of Moira’s OWL London Spitfire skin that’s being compared to Gen 2 starter, Mudkip.

Comparisons have been made in the past about the striking similarity. The palettes, tones, and frog-like details have people wondering how they didn’t notice this before.

“Can’t unsee now… Damn! It kinda looks like a pufferfish too, lmao,” one person said. Redditor ‘tomy0612’s post pointed out the similarity that’s been taking people by surprise.

The skins have been out for years and the whole time there’s been a hidden Pokemon lurking at the center of the design that people hadn’t always noticed.

Moira Overwatch Mudkip skin

Mudkip’s deadpan gaze and bright color compliments spark the comparison to the Spitfire’s bright blue and orange paint job on its banner.

That realization has people hunting for more Pocket Monsters that could be lying in other cosmetics.

“How did you ever spot this?! Now I’m going to be looking for other Pokemon on skins,” another person quipped. And there’s bound to be some finds if players look hard enough.

People have made funny OWL skin discoveries in the past, specifically with the Gladiator’s purple and white Genji design.

One of the ninja’s plates of armor has a strange pattern that looks like Zenyatta that surprised everyone including the league’s official Twitter account.

Overwatch has a rich history of skin designs for its cast of 32 heroes and some of them apparently have more than meets the eye.