Moira cosplays Lady Dimitrescu in scarily good Overwatch skin concept

Moria Lady Dimitrescu skin ideaBlizzard Entertainment, Capcom

An aweswome fan-made skin concept for Moira from Overwatch has blown fans away, with a Lady Dimitrescu look.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the internet, more Lady Dimitrescu fan art appears. However, this time it’s in the form of an Overwatch skin concept. This design represents the latest unofficial crossover between Overwatch and Resident Evil Village. Fans may remember Ashe channeling another Resident Evil boss during the summer.

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Earlier this year, you may have noticed a certain tall and well-hatted vampire lady became an internet sensation. The character is Lady Alcina Dimitrescu, one of the villains of this year’s survival horror hit Resident Evil Village.

Village was a well-received entry in the Resident Evil franchise and DLC seems likely. However, we have a feeling the Lady D memes will live on well after the game becomes retro.

Overwatch skin concepts continue

She happens to have done so during a time when Overwatch players are developing a taste for the macabre, especially when it comes to skin concepts. Moira O’Deorain is now the most recent playable character to receive this makeover treatment.

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Although it’s ironic to see a character known for her healing abilities associated with a character who drains the blood from people to make wine. Yet, Lady D and Moira appear perfectly suited in this amazing design. The original sketch was drawn by Twitter user Duskdraws and was posted to Reddit by user DrunkenQueen.

It would be fun to see designs like this make their way into Overwatch, but of course, this would require some sort of agreement between Capcom and Blizzard. For now, at least we have the work of talented artists to enjoy – and any future memes that happen to feature Moira as Lady Dimitrescu.

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