Mobile Overwatch ‘look-a-like’ set to be launched by Tencent


Chinese media conglomerate Overwatch

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Tencent is one of the largest companies in the world, operating as an internet provider, mobile app developer, and video game publisher. They’ve been able to publish some of the most popular games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, and PUBG in China, despite having recent problems with monetization

More recently, they’ve even reportedly begun work on a brand-new Pokemon title, but it’s another game of their own that has caught the attention of many fans. 

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Blizzard EntertainmentDespite joining the Overwatch roster, Sigma won’t be making an appearance in Ace Force.

Named Ace Force, the brand new mobile game is set to launch in the middle of August but some outsiders can’t help but notice how appears it to be Overwatch but on mobile devices.

While the new title doesn’t seem to steal character names, looks, or even game modes – there are striking similarities with some maps, abilities, and even how the regeneration of health appears on-screen at one point. 

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Sticking with the health aspect, players have even pointed out how similar the actual on-screen health bar looked compared to Overwatch, even if it was lacking that iconic font.

Others even noted that tube of health can be found dotted around the map on small nodes, again, similar to Blizzard’s title but without the identical colors. However, one key difference is that when dealing damage to an enemy, players can see the numerical amount of damage that they’ve dished out. 

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TencentPlayers can pick up health capsules like Overwatch.
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The game, which was announced back in 2018, has gone through a number of testing phases on iOS and Android before being made available to everyone. 

Though the comparisons to Overwatch will likely not be dropped for quite some time, if ever, that won’t stop Tencent from scooping up fans who have been itching for a mobile version that resembles the hugely successful Blizzard title.

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