ML7 shows off hidden Overwatch Oasis Ana hiding spot

Bill Cooney
Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch streamer ML7 showed off a stealthy Ana hiding spot on Oasis that will still allow you to heal your team hopefully out of harm’s way.

Ana can be one of the most powerful healers in Overwatch, but she’s fairly vulnerable with no movement or defensive abilities, aside from Sleep Dart.

Because of this, players usually like to stay safely in the backline, but ML7 showed viewers a new perch they could use on Oasis that looks like it would keep you out of the line of fire.

Other than sleeping enemies, Ana doesn’t really have defensive moves.

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To start, you’ll need a friend who plays Mei, or at least a cooperative player on her who can assist you in reaching the perch.

Once you’ve wrangled yourself a Mei player, you need to have them put down an Ice Wall right underneath you in the allied flank room like ML7 does.

After the wall is thrown up, Ana can jump and place herself on the top edge of the doorway and sit there for as long as she wants, or until she gets killed.

From there she can still heal her team on the point, while staying out of harm’s way, for the most part at least.

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Even when a flanking Soldier shows his face in what is now ML7’s room, the streamer is able to dispatch them without the enemy DPS even looking in his direction.

Of course, there’s always the chance that a flanking enemy will actually look up and see you, but as ML7’s clip shows most Overwatch players, for whatever reason, don’t look up even when they’re getting attacked.

The strategy could help Ana survive teamfights, if the enemy doesn’t notice you.

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The toughest part of this whole strat might be finding Mei who’ll actually cooperate with you, instead of going off doing other things like they’re known to do.