Mei mains debate reworking hero into tank for Overwatch 2

Bill Cooney
Blizzard Entertainment

Mei players are debating whether or not the hero would be better suited as a Tank come Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 will introduce some of the biggest changes to the game that we’ve seen in years, and the community is buzzing with ideas of what they think Blizzard should change next.

We already know Doomfist will be getting changed into a Tank hero, but some players think Mei should join him on the frontlines as well.

Players want Mei made into a Tank

mei overwatch 2
Blizzard Entertainment
Mei has already seen some major changes to her kit in the Overwatch 2 beta tests so far.

Blizzard has already made substantial changes to Mei in the first two Overwatch beta tests — the most significant being her not able to completely freeze enemies anymore.

However, some players want to see her given a similar treatment to Doomfist: being made into a Tank hero.

On July 29 user AlunirDev posted why they think Mei should be a Tank come Overwatch 2. However, not everyone agreed with their reasoning.

Their argument basically boils down to Mei’s kit already being fairly tank-like, with only a few minor changes being needed to make her fully fit.

One of the main points against the change is that Mei being a DPS offers teams much more flexibility than if she were a full-on Tank.

“While I get the similarities to other tank skills, I don’t think it’s necessary,” one user replied. “She doesn’t seem oppressive in her current state and is definitely not a must pick. Yeah, she’s a second off tank, but I think that’s fine if it supports different compositions.”

So, while we could see many more changes come for the third and final Overwatch 2 beta, Mei being made into a tank might not make the cut.