Mark Cuban reveals his main problem with esports and the OWL

Mark Cuban was close to buying a League of Legends team, but believes player burnout is an issue that all esports are not properly addressing.

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Cuban shared an article about esports pros retiring in their early 20s due to physical and mental burnout.

“The core issue is that the games change. With each change every team has to practice as a unit and consider every permutation. That requires intense practices and a lot of time,” said Cuban.

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The billionaire owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks said the changing nature of esports was a main reason for him to pass on investing in LOL.

“[Games changing is] the main reason I wouldn’t buy a LOL team. Support is great. But doesn’t change the issue.”

Nate Nanzer, commissioner of the Overwatch League, fired back at Cuban for his comments, saying long work days are normal for anyone who wants to be successful.

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The commissioner said, “Working 8-10 hours a day doesn’t seem out of the ordinary to be the best in the world at literally anything, does it Mark?”

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Cuban had an answer for Nanzer however, shooting down any attempts to tie the OWL to the NBA. “How much time is required to adapt and perfect as a team after a change?… I’m far from OWL smart, but look at the Brigitte change. The NBA doesn’t make meta changes mid season,” said Cuban.

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He was referencing Brigitte, a new character that was introduced towards the end of the Overwatch League season and completely changed how the game was played.

OWL team NYXL lost only six of 40 matches all season, but three of those losses came in the 10 games after Brigette was introduced.

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Nanzer seemed to back down, admitting esports has some issues that will be addressed in time. “All great points. Adaptability is important. Training best practices will continue to evolve in esports. Pubs have to do a better job of managing meta changes and patches,” said Nanzer.

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The NBA is currently in its 72nd season, while the Overwatch League will start its second in February.

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