Mad Hatter Sombra skin idea is the Halloween Terror look Overwatch needs

Overwatch's sombra against a flowery backgroundBlizzard Entertainment, flickr: cea+

Overwatch’s Sombra already has some amazing cosmetics, but this Mad Hatter outfit for Mexico’s most wanted is the Halloween Terror skin we never knew we needed.

While Overwatch’s extensive cast of misfits encompasses characters from all walks of life, Mexico’s finest hacker, Sombra, has become a fan favorite.

The subject of many an interesting skin concept, we’ve even seen the queen of all things digital rep New York’s Democratic representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s iconic “tax the rich” Met Gala dress.

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Trading in her brief stint in politics for something a lot less serious, this new skin idea from designer Luca Albrecht transforms Sombra into Alice In Wonderland’s Mad Hatter – and it’s just in time for Halloween.

Overwatch cyberpunk style woman with pink hair and mechanical inlays holding a gunActivision Blizzard
Overwatch’s Sombra has worn many disguises in her lifetime.

Overwatch Mad Hatter Sombra skin is tea-riffic

Inspired by the Mad Hatter from Lewis Carroll’s 19th Century fairytale Alice in Wonderland, Sombra has traded in her cyberpunk-style armor for an eclectic Victorian-inspired outfit.

Donning a navy blue tailcoat with a violet collar, she sports a bright pink bow around her neck with a golden stopwatch necklace. In the middle of her back another clock is attached to her coat, while a rainbow strap loops around her body to tie the mismatch of colors together.

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Instead of leggings she’s gone for the iconic striped socks often associated with genderbent Hatter cosplays, with deep blue thigh-high lace-up boots rounding out the look.

Its adorable little top hat is the icing on this beautiful teacake, though, with orange and green feathers sprouting out from the base and the signature playing card tucked gently into the buckle that holds everything in place.

Overwatch fans are certainly hoping to be invited to this tea party, as Luca’s idea has been greeted with a wave of positivity.

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“No I don’t think you understand. I’m obsessed,” writes one fan, while others pointed out that it would go well with Ashe’s Mardi Gras skin.

While Sombra’s never late for a very important date, she never compromises her style. Perhaps if you look through the looking glass you’ll be able to catch this Mad Hatter even when she’s in stealth, but otherwise watch out – Wonderland’s inhabitants aren’t always the friendliest.

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