Los Angeles Valiant roasted for Overwatch League skin glitch - Dexerto

Los Angeles Valiant roasted for Overwatch League skin glitch

Published: 17/Apr/2019 22:37 Updated: 30/Apr/2020 16:55

by Bill Cooney


The Los Angeles Valiant may have had the roughest start to Season 2 of any team in the Overwatch League but now they’re being dunked on for something that is completely out of their control.

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The Valiant secured their first win of Season 2 against the Atlanta Reign on April 12, after going winless in Stage 1.

But that wasn’t enough to stop the abuse on Twitter from other OWL teams, who took a minor glitch in the Storm Rising patch as a chance to roast the Valiant further.

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Valiant: green, gold and blue?

The glitch that apparently came along with the Storm Rising patch on April 16 seems to have turned the Valiant logo on several of the Overwatch League skins to blue, instead of gold.


It was the Valiant’s in-state rival the San Francisco Shock who first took a job at the skin glitch, asking L.A. why they were so blue (not winning more than one match so far this season might have something to do with it).

Next, it was the Dallas Fuel’s turn to poke fun at the unfortunate error, saying that this is what happens when your tattoo artist is secretly a Fuel Fan.

The glitch appears on Roadhog, Torbjorn, Baptiste, and Widowmaker, but other heroes could have the glitch as well.

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A fix for the glitch?

Blizzard or Overwatch have yet to comment on the glitch, but it seems relatively minor so there’s a good chance it will be fixed soon.


Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan didn’t mention any glitches during his appearance on stream after the release of Storm Rising on April 16, but he did drop a number of hints at upcoming content for the game.

One of the biggest was that Havana, the map the Storm Rising Brawl takes place on, would be Overwatch’s newest escort map and be arriving on the PTR soon.

Finally, Kaplan shared news that a lot of Overwatch fans have been waiting for: D.Va will be getting a new skin for the upcoming Anniversary event that will “break the internet,” according to Jeff.