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Los Angeles Valiant make brilliant Office parody video to reveal Season Two roster

Published: 28/Jan/2019 19:16 Updated: 28/Jan/2019 19:45

by Bill Cooney


The 2019 Overwatch League starts on February 14, and the Los Angeles Valiant have revealed their roster for Season Two with a hilarious play on the intro to the popular show The Office.

The Valiant were one of the original Overwatch League teams during Season One, but made some big changes over the offseason, such as trading star DPS Terence “SoOn” Tarlier to the new Paris Eternal team.

Therefore, to officially introduce the Valiant’s new roster, the team took inspiration from the popular television series ‘The Office.’

The video begins with Valiant Head Coach Byung-chul Moon, and runs through the rest of the 2019 roster from there.

Valiant Support/DPS player Young-seo ‘KariV’ Park is shown shredding pieces of paper with “dive” written on them.

There are a ton of funny little details hidden into the video, such as someone highlighting a memo that just reads, “learn to play Brigitte” over and over again.

The Valiant’s full, 2019 roster is listed below:

Brady ‘Agilities’ Girardi
Indy ‘SPACE’ Halperin
Pan-seung ‘Fate’ Koo
Young-seo ‘KariV’ Park
Jun-hyeok ‘Bunny’ Chae
Scott ‘Custa’ Kennedy
Kyle ‘KSF’ Frandanisa
Min-chul ‘Izayaki’ Kim
Dae-kuk ‘KuKi’ Kim

The Valiant’s first Overwatch League season ended in the first round of the Inaugural Season Playoffs, when they lost to the eventual champions the London Spitfire.

No doubt players will be looking for a better result this year, and fans will be eager to see how the team’s new lineup does in matches.

The Overwatch League starts on February 14, and the Valiant’s first match of 2019 is on Saturday, February 16 against the Hangzhou Spark.


New Overwatch Ashe skin teased in “Deadlock Rebels” book

Published: 25/Feb/2021 20:47

by Michael Gwilliam


An upcoming Overwatch book seems to be hinting at a possible new Ashe skin coming to the game, possibly for the Anniversary or Archives events.

Overwatch fans spotted a new cover for the book online and noticed how Ashe has a completely different look than the one most players are familiar with.

In this, she still sports her white hair, but wears a red jacket and dark black pants while standing back-to-back with McCree, who seems to be drawn in his “Deadlock” skin look from the Archives event.

According to the book’s synopsis on Amazon, Deadlock Rebels takes place when Ashe is still in high school and is arrested before her graduation. As such, her parents cut her off from the family fortune.

Ashe escorts the payload
Blizzard Entertainment
Ashe has quickly become one of the most popular Overwatch heroes.

From there, she teams up with her butler B.O.B and McCree to steal back what the book claims is “rightfully hers.”

Furthermore, the synopsis states that the novel will explore the founding of the Deadlock Gang – one of Overwatch’s more underdeveloped factions.

The poster has fans hopeful that they’ll be able to get their hands on this new look Ashe in the form of a future skin.

“Yoooo, Young Ashe looks great. I hope we will get that as a skin since we already got the McCree one?” one asked on Twitter.

“I smell a new Ashe skin coming!” another remarked.

The book is set to release on June 1, 2021, so it doesn’t quite line-up with the new Archives event, which begins in either April or March.

McCree Deadlock skin
Blizzard Entertainment
The skin seems connected to Deadlock McCree.

However, the Anniversary event may be very likely, as every time that event has happened it’s run from May to June – which suggests the next event will overlap with the book’s release.

Although nothing is confirmed just yet, and this new look for Ashe could be exclusive to the novel itself, hopefully, Blizzard does end up releasing a skin based on this younger Ashe in the future.