Leaked Overwatch 2 hero select screen reveals new-look Soldier 76

Blizzard Entertainment

An accidental Overwatch 2 leak by the Overwatch League’s official account has given players a glimpse at a grizzled Soldier 76 redesign for the sequel. It’s also further confirmed Doomfist’s switch from DPS to tank.

With the Overwatch 2 beta scheduled for late April, hype is at an all-time high. In advance, Blizzard Entertainment are already revealing more about the eagerly anticipated sequel – including glimpses of redesigns for heroes like Brigitte and Hanzo.

Now, another new look seems to have accidentally slipped into the public eye. This time, it’s for everyone’s favorite grill-master general: Soldier 76.

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In a since-deleted Facebook post, the official OWL account shared a picture of the hero select screen. In it, you can see confirmation of Doomfist’s swap to tank and a new look for Captain Overwatch.

Overwatch 2 leak reveals new-look Soldier 76

Posted to Reddit by ‘Suisquid,’ the image shared by the OWL shows a number of interesting tweaks. First, players will notice that the map seems to be a sunset version of Ilios. Second, they’ll spot Doomfist penciled into the tank role.

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Finally, eagle-eyed fans can see a revamped Soldier 76. The hero’s face mask now only covers his eyes, in true X-Men Cyclops fashion, revealing a grizzled beard to match his gray hair.

In the replies, people seemed pretty divided about the new look. One user said they “do not like Soldier with a beard,” while another countered: “Imagine not liking Daddy76.”  

Doomfist confirmed as tank in Overwatch 2?

Doomfist Meteor StrikeBlizzard Entertainment
Tank Doomfist has already been speculated about for a while now.

As far as the other tweaks revealed in this leak, this seems to officially confirm earlier teases that Doom would be switching roles. Back in October 2021, the devs explained that the punching punisher was being tested as a tank – but didn’t confirm the change.

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Now, thanks to a slip-up by the OWL, fans have learned two more things about the upcoming sequel: Doomfist is officially a tank and Soldier 76 has a beard.

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