LA Gladiators' Quick Thinking Turns the Tide Against the San Francisco Shock

by Joe O'Brien
Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment


In their first match of Overwatch League Stage 4, the LA Gladiators demonstrated how quick thinking can swing a game.

The Gladiators helped launch the new stage with a match against the San Francisco Shock, during which they showed how powerful great shot-calling can be.


On map two, Horizon, after the map went to overtime, the Gladiators only needed a single tick of control on Point A to secure the victory. The Shock held strong for some time, but with some quick thinking after a failed assault on the point the Gladiators were able to adapt on the fly, turning the situation to their advantage.

During the Gladiator’s assault they were able to kill ‘Danteh’ ‘s Junkrat, but after it became clear that the push wasn’t going to work they found themselves with an opening. Having taken positioning between Point A and the Shock’s spawn, a trio of Winston, Tracer and Sombra rushed to cut off Danteh as he tried to return.


With a 3v1 advantage, the Gladiators were able to kill the Junkrat again, cutting off a major source of damage for the Shock, before returning to act as one half of a pincer attack that now saw the LA squad with a man advantage.

The play ultimately led to the Gladiators clearing out the point, allowing them to capture the single tick they needed to secure the game.

The Gladiators went on to win the series 3-1, a much-needed victory as they chase a playoff spot in the final stage.