L.A. Gladiators pro Surefour explains why Overwatch streamers play better off stream

by Bill Cooney



After playing Overwatch with fellow Canadian Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, Overwatch League pro Lane ‘Surefour’ Roberts explained why the former Dallas Fuel player seemed to perform better when he wasn’t streaming.


xQc and Surefour were teammates on Team Canada during the Overwatch World Cup, so when Felix decided to head back into Overwatch, he grouped up with his former teammate.

The pair played pretty well, and both streamers got some big plays, even though xQc wasn’t streaming at the time.


After some impressive performances, a few of Surefour’s viewers asked why xQc seemed to play Overwatch better when he wasn’t streaming the game.

“Well of course he’s better, every streamer is better when they’re not streaming,” Surefour explained. “Because when you’re streaming you’re focused on entertainment as well as gameplay, and in Overwatch sometimes those don’t mix together well.”

For a streamer like xQc who has a ton of interaction with viewers, it’s not hard to see how entertaining viewers can get in the way of focusing on the game.


Even though he seems to be back playing Overwatch, xQc hasn’t streamed the game on his main Twitch channel since being suspended in November.

After getting suspended, xQc has switched to playing a variety of games on his main channel instead of Overwatch.

Surefour, on the other hand, should be streaming Overwatch until the Overwatch League’s Second Season gets started in early 2019.