Korean Overwatch 2 team stalls entire Push map by abusing Mei

mei on overwatch 2 push mapBlizzard Entertainment

A Korean Overwatch 2 team stunned their opponents by abusing Mei to contest the objective through a Push map on New Queen street.

The Korean Open Division Grand Finals saw team Xero taking on ODH in a relatively short 3-1 match, but it was ODH’s dominance on Overwatch 2‘s New Queen Street that has people talking.

Mei is extremely powerful on the Push map thanks to her ability to stall by making use of both Ice Wall and Ice Block when the robot is in the vicinity of a doorway or window.

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The end result was ODH making good use of this throughout the game to never really let Xero’s objective control matter.

Overwatch team abuses Mei to stall Push map

In a video posted to Reddit showcasing the highlights of the Mei wall stall dominance, you can see how ODH played just far enough away from the Push robot to contest the objective without putting themselves in harm’s way.

For full minutes, despite Xero having control of the robot, ODH is able to prevent them from making any progress and eventually builds up ultimates to just wipe their opponents.

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Even when Xero does manage to win a fight, by the time they do, ODH has already set up in yet another cheeky position to stall the Push robot, taking advantage of windows and other areas that count for contesting.

To make things more frustrating, as time in the match began to tick away, Xero found themselves needing to be more aggressive when it came to dislodging ODH from their stalling positions, which only made them vulnerable.

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(Map begins at 4:50:40)

Whether or not Blizzard adjusts how teams can contest the objective remains to be seen, but if ODH can maintain its dominance with this strategy having been promoted to Contenders, the devs may need to take action.

Until then, use this tactic to your heart’s content. You may even rank up a bit if you can coordinate with your team against foes not expecting to be left stalling in the Toronto snow.

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