Perfect Junkrat & D.VA combo wipes out Overwatch teams on Temple of Anubis

Lauren Bergin
Overwatch D.Va Junkrat Temple of AnubisBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s Junkrat is one of the most painful DPS to play against, but combine him with a D.VA and you’ll strike fear into the hearts of the enemy. This trick is the perfect way to combine ultimates and get a team wide wipe on Temple of Anubis. 

If there’s one villain you don’t want to see on Temple of Anubis it’s Junkrat. While the high vantage points offer snipers like Widowmaker or Hanzo a clear shot at the infamous Australian, they also offer the bombardier the perfect place to rain chaos from.

When he’s not lying in the back of the payload waiting for the opportune moment to unleash his RIP-Tyre, he’s using his concussion mine to blast Pharah out of the sky.

This time, though, he’s teaming up with his allied D.Va to make the enemy team’s trip to the Temple of Anubis one they’d want to forget.

Blizzard Entertainment
Junkrat’s back with yet another little nifty trick.

Junkrat & D.Va Combo

As seen in a Reddit clip posted by user jarodchrist, Junkrat and D.Va can combine their efforts to make the perfect combo, even if they don’t seem to be two characters who would usually gel.

Positioned on the right hand pillar at the iconic arch that frames Point B on the Egyptian themed map, Junkrat can be seen shoving D.Va’s exploding MEKA off of the side of the pillar.

Once the machine has self destructed and taken out two of the enemy team, Junkrat unleashed his RIP-Tyre which then finishes off the remaining attackers.

It appears that one of the main takeaways is that you can push D.Va’s MEKA. This mechanic can make or break difficult fights, and also applies to Ultimates such as Ashe’s BOB.

This trick lets you get the element of surprise when dropping her MEKA, something that is pretty difficult to do on the ground considering the wind up time for the ability and the sheer size of the robotic armor itself.

So do you fancy making your enemies’ Temple of Anubis run an absolute nightmare? Partner up with your favorite D.Va or Junkrat main and let the chaos ensue!