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Jumping as Reinhardt in Overwatch could lose you your next game

Published: 11/Feb/2020 4:51

by Brad Norton


While Reinhardt’s shield is supposed to protect weaker heroes standing behind him in Overwatch, it turns out that even the most subtle of movements can give opposing teams a vital edge in combat, and change the course of the game.

One of the most popular Tank heroes in Overwatch, Reinhardt’s 1600HP shield is more mobile than any other in the game. While Sigma can quickly recall his barrier and place it down once again for instance, it pales in comparison to Reinhardt and his mobility. 

As an extraordinary highlight on Busan goes to show, however, this mobility can prove to be a major downfall and even cost you entire team fights if you’re not on the ball at all times. 

Reinhardt holding shield in Overwatch
Reinhardt’s 1600HP shield is still one of the most powerful forms of cover in the game despite recent nerfs.

Widowmaker can often be nullified so long as players are well aware of her position and stand behind cover as much as possible. Yet cheekily enough, the sniper is actually able to bait opposing Rein’s into lowering their shield just enough for a quick headshot.

Throughout the deciding round of a closely contested match on Busan, Reddit user ‘joshkroger’ showcased how teammates can surprisingly be gunned down from afar, even though a shield appears to stand between them and the enemy.

“Ok, how?” the player questioned, while a teammate simply yelled out in frustration after being taken out of the fight. 

Be Advised: Don’t Jump Spam with Shield Up from Overwatch

Slowing the clip down to a snail’s pace reveals that Widow can stunningly peak just a hair above the shield. But how exactly is this possible? It turns out that Reinhardt jumping is the reason that particular shot was able to connect. 

Surprisingly enough, Reinhardt actually lowers his shield somewhat each time that he jumps. While it might not appear as such to the naked eye, watching the footage back on repeat unveils the finer movements of his shield throughout the seemingly innocuous animation.

As he bends his legs and prepares for a full extension to boost off of the ground, Rein’s shield tilts ever so slightly towards the floor for a mere fraction of a second. 

That small window was all the opposing Widowmaker needed to connect their shot and potentially swing the opening team-fight in their favor.

Enemy snipers could catch your team by surprise if they’re aware of this trick.

What once appeared to be a completely harmless movement for countless Tank veterans around the world, has now been revealed as a major factor that could legitimately cost you a map.

If you’re looking to protect squishy teammates in your next Overwatch session, keep in mind that Reinhardt’s feet should rarely leave the ground.


Simple Overwatch trick gives Sombra a huge advantage on Hollywood

Published: 1/Dec/2020 11:35

by Lauren Bergin


Hollywood is one of Overwatch’s most iconic maps, but it’s also one of its most challenging. Here’s a fun translocator trick for Sombra that’ll help you out on both attack and defence. 

Sombra has become one of Overwatch’s most notorious heroes both in terms of lore and as a playable character. The Mexican cyber queen is known for her flexibility: she works beautifully as a flanker, has enough raw power to dominate from the backline and can even become a support DPS.

One of the maps that sees the hacker played regularly is Hollywood, where often DPS players jump on Widowmaker or Hanzo to pop some heads. Sombra’s invisibility makes her perfect for dodging out of this full frontal sniper assault.

Another aspect of her kit that makes her the perfect Hollywood pick is her translocator, and one reddit user has a nifty trick to help you dodge attacks but still be impactful in fights.

Blizzard Entertainment
The Hollywood wild west set is one of the area’s most deadly to try and navigate.

Sombra translocator trick on Hollywood

Since the nerf to Sombra’s translocator which meant that it could no longer be placed on slanted surfaces, it’s been difficult to find an impactful spot to drop the tiny teleporter on Hollywood. The second area of the map — the Western themed set — is notorious for the slanted rooftops of the fake houses.

Reddit user TheOneLlama has come to the rescue though, and has given Sombra players a nice little translocator trick. If Sombra throws her translocator onto the Pioneer Hotel’s roof across from the walkway between the Bank and the Saloon, the device will land on the peak of the roof which is a flat surface.

From here, Sombra has a perfect eagle-eye view of the upcoming payload. This is perfect for defence because it means she’s there to pick off enemies, but also on attack so that she can disrupt the enemy backline.

nifty little translocate/invis spot I’d thought I should share from r/Overwatch

So, as if Hollywood’s back alleys and passageways weren’t good enough for Sombra, this little trick makes her even more dominant on one of her strongest maps. Try it out and see; you’ll be turning out the enemy’s lights in no time.