Jeff Kaplan talks Torbjörn rework, balance changes, and in-game events in latest Overwatch Developer Update

Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan returned with another Developer Update covering various upcoming changes to the game.

Every month or so, Kaplan addresses Overwatch players directly, giving insight into what the development team is currently working on and explaining the reasoning behind various changes. With a major patch hitting the PTR, Kaplan explained some of the updates, as well as touching on some future plans.

Kaplan outlined some of the changes to Torbjörn, full details of which were explained in a separate post, covering some of the devlopment team’s philosophy towards the overhaul and what they are hoping to achieve with the new iteration of the hero.

Though he didn’t go into much detail regarding the other hero changes in the patch, Kaplan did say that “not all of them will stay the same”, highlighting that some will likely be further changed before they reach the live servers. While this might seem an obvious point, changes made on the PTR have frequently made their way to live unadjusted.

The developer update also touched on the upcoming Halloween event, “Halloween Terror”. Kaplan explained that the event would be broadly the same as last year’s as the development team is currently focused on other areas, mainly balance changes.

Many players were underwhelmed by the lack of new content in the recent Summer Games event, which Kaplan seemingly addressed here. Fans of the new event skins will still have plenty to look forward to, however.