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Jeff Kaplan reveals his favorite Overwatch skin and main

Published: 29/May/2020 18:24

by Michael Gwilliam


Twitch streamer Christopher ‘Jay3’ Pavloff surprised his viewers on May 28 by inviting Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan to play against him in a series of hammer-only Torbjorn one-on-ones, and answered some questions about Blizzard’s FPS.

While partaking in the one-on-one battle, Jay3 and Jeff chatted about the game and even what heroes he mains.

“My weak spot is as soon as you introduce one ability I’m overwhelmed,” Kaplan joked, as the two decided to allow Torbjorn’s Overload in their battle. (Timestamp 7:55 for mobile viewers)

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Blizzard Entertainment
Jeff and Jay3 were engaging in a Torbjorn hammer-only duel.

“Well, that’s not true!” Jay3 cried. “What’s your main?”


Kaplan responded by saying he plays “a lot” of Reinhardt, which made sense considering he earlier stated the only golden weapon he had was for the hammer-wielding German tank.

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“Now, what would you say is the best skin in this game?” the streamer questioned.

“I like Griefhardt,” Kaplan replied. “I also like the Wrecking Ball epic with the shades. That’s one of my favorites.”

Jeff also explained that while he really likes he Doomfist Formal skin, he’s “terrible” at the hero. “Like, it’s a guarantee I’m going to die.”

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Blizzard Entertainment
Griefhardt is Kaplan’s favorite Overwatch skin.

A bit later on in the video, Kaplan and the streamer changed heroes and took to the air in a Pharah duel. Because of the character’s influence from games like Quake and Team Fortress 2, the topic turned to who the Game Director mained in the latter.


“I liked Demoman the most,” Jeff revealed. “I played a lot of the classes. I played a good amount of Medic, Demo Scout.” (Timestamp 15:45)

“I wanted to be the great Spy, but I was the terrible Spy,” he laughed.

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Blizzard Entertainment
Pharah is inspired by Quake.

While Jeff wasn’t able to talk about Overwatch 2 in detail, he was happy with the progress the team was making, claiming it was “getting really cool.”

It also seems like Jeff and Jay3 have their next gaming session already planned, with the former revealing the “only other games he’s good at are Rust and Animal Crossing.”


“That’s for next time,” Kaplan chuckled.

Hopefully, the next time the two play together, he could have a bit more info to share about Overwatch, but it’s always fun to learn what characters he plays and which parts of the game he’s most excited about.