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Jeff Kaplan confirms more Mei nerfs coming to Overwatch soon

Published: 21/Apr/2020 2:25

by Bill Cooney


Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan let slip that more Mei nerfs are headed our way soon in a Reddit post explaining how devs are approaching the evolving Hero Pool system.

The Hero Pool system has been tweaked and changed by devs ever since it was introduced, and Kaplan took to Reddit to fill fans in on where they were at in a lengthy post.

While writing the post, he also let out that we’ll be seeing more Mei nerfs arrive as soon as this week when explaining why the system didn’t ban the hero every week as some players would like.


Blizzard Entertainment
Mei might be adorable, but she can be pure evil when on the enemy team.

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“Largely the system is working,” Jeff said about Hero Pools. “Impactful heroes to both the base game and OWL are getting rotated, for example, Moira and Orisa this week.”

“Just because the system doesn’t routinely ban Mei each week doesn’t really bother us,” he continued. “Because that’s not what it was meant to do.”

“In addition to her [Mei’s] recent nerfs, more are coming on Wednesday,” Kaplan revealed. “Her win rate is already down.”

Kaplan wrote his comment in the afternoon of April 20, which would make April 22 the day we can expect to see more Mei nerfs arrive.


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Jeff conveniently forgot to mention a few key details about the nerfs though, mainly what to expect and whether or not they’ll be headed to the PTR or main game.

Exactly what sort of nerfs Mei will be getting is tough to pin down. Her recent changes in the April 6 patch focused on her Endothermic Blaster, so devs might target her abilities this time. At this point though that’s all just speculation.

Even though Jeff didn’t mention it, there’s a good chance the updates will be added to Overwatch’s Experimental Card rather than the PTR, since that’s the way devs tested changes before the April 6 patch.


This would be good news for console players, who are able to test changes along with PC players in Experimental, but not on the PTR.

Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard Entertainment
Mei has seen quite a few changes in recent weeks, and it seems there’s only more to come.

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Besides dropping a clue about the next update, Jeff’s lengthy post also gave some great insight on how Overwatch devs are approaching the game’s balance as it closes in on its fourth Anniversary event.