Jeff Kaplan confirms change to multiplayer levels in Overwatch 2

Connor Bennett

Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan has teased a few changes to the levels in Overwatch 2 – especially with how a player’s level border will look moving forward.

Even since Overwatch 2 was announced back at Blizzcon, fans have been desperate for new details. There have been plenty of teases – including new in-game stats – and there have been a few ‘leaks’ as well – with the most recent centering on Ana and her supposed new talents and abilities.

Though, as for official word and confirmed new details, the Overwatch team has been pretty much radio silent. Yet, Jeff Kaplan has seemingly been perusing the official Blizzard message boards and dropping some information about changes coming in the next game.

Blizzard Entertainment
Players are gearing up for Overwatch 2.

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The Overwatch lead designer responded to a thread that asked for changes to how the current Overwatch levels look – with complaints being bandied around about the “tacky” borders that appear on an account when they hit gold. 

“Currently, our plan is to change this system for ow2,” Kaplan commented. “We’ll find a way to recognize your accomplishments for those who care but the current plan is for those borders to go away and be replaced with a different system.”

Screenshot via Blizzard Forums
Kaplan’s responded directly to Overwatch players.

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Kaplan’s message received a mixed reaction with many fans happy to hear that the borders will be going away, yet, others registered their disappointment at the possibility of no longer being able to show off their own unique border.

Though, plenty noted that the removal of the borders would likely see the end of ‘level shaming’ – where players are mocked for being too low or too high in their level – which is seen as a positive step. 

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What changes Kaplan’s Overwatch team has up their sleeve for the new system, however, very much remains to be seen considering that OW2 is still doesn’t have an official release date. 

A now-deleted tweet from PlayStation Brazil claimed that the game would be released at some point in 2020, though, that hasn’t been confirmed by anyone.