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Jaw-dropping Overwatch ‘backcap’ might be the biggest ‘C9’ in history

Published: 9/Mar/2020 4:21

by Brad Norton


Overwatch ‘C9s’ never fail to impact even the most experienced teams, yet this shocking oversight in a recent matchup on Dorado might be the most baffling backcap of all time.

Sneaking past enemy teams and capturing objectives in Overwatch is a rare enough feat in its own right. Typically the sneaky flankers are caught out just in the nick of time and teams have to properly engage in a fight as per usual.

However, once in a while the cheeky strategy pays off and helps find the win. Midway through a match on Dorado, this team was left scratching their heads after letting payload pass them by in one of the most egregious C9s you’ll likely ever see.


Having the payload pushed past you while you’re successfully defending might be the worst feeling in Overwatch.

Having already advanced the payload through the first checkpoint on Dorado, Reddit user ‘KronalgalVas’ and their team were left with plenty of time to advance through the second phase of the map.

Rather than focusing their hacking efforts as Sombra on destabilizing the enemy team, the player in focus opted to be a pest and sneakily approach the payload.

Exiting out of their Stealth ability, they began pushing the cart and immediately stood still like a deer in the headlights as an opposing Ana walked around the corner.

Expecting to be spotted and focused down in a matter of seconds, they hilariously evaded all damage and continued pressing forward with the objective in one of the most blatant oversights imaginable.


This is probably the single dumbest backcap I have ever achieved from Overwatch

The opposing Support walked within arms reach of the hacker, yet due to her focus being on the heroes above, she completely neglected the cheeky Sombra right in front of her eyes. 

Roughly 20 seconds of pushing the cart without being pressured whatsoever, and the second checkpoint was captured before the competition could figure out what was happening.

While the defending team were actually finding the right eliminations and all but winning the fight on the frontlines, it was all for naught as their backline was left unguarded for the Sombra to sneak on through.

“It makes more sense when you see it [from] Ana’s point of view,” Reddit user ‘p0w0r’ responded. “But holy sh** how?”


Without a doubt one of the most extraordinary oversights in recent times, the Ana player will certainly have a lot to take away from such an amusing mistake.

If you’ve ever been impacted by a devastating C9 in one of your matches, it might ease your mind to know that even the most experienced professional players are still caught off guard by C9s as well.