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Is this a new Junkrat skin for Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland event?

Published: 12/Oct/2018 22:59 Updated: 12/Oct/2018 23:19

by Bill Cooney


Some enterprising Overwatch players have found what they believe might be an upcoming skin for this year’s Winter Wonderland event on a t-shirt only able to be bought or viewed on the Blizzard store by BlizzCon passholders.

The shirt is a red holiday shirt depicting Nutcracker Zenyatta, with Odette Widowmaker and the skin in question on his left and right sides.

This “Rat King” skin seems to go along with the theme of Widowmaker and Zenyatta’s skins on the shirt, all coming from the Nutcracker musical by Tchaikovsky, which also has a Rat King.

Images of the shirt were posted to Reddit by Nuittfox, and users in the comments seemed to agree that it was likely a skin for the upcoming event.

Junkrat got a great Winter skin last year, giving him a beach outfit and an inflatable tube for Australia’s sweltering winters.

Last year’s skin didn’t exactly scream “Holiday Season,” except to Australians maybe, but from what we can see on the shirt, the Rat King skin would fit right into a Christmas brawl.

Blizzard EntertainmentThe closeup of the shirt showing a possible new Junkrat skin.
Blizzard EntertainmentThe entire shirt.

Last year, Winter Wonderland started on December 12, Overwatch events usually start on Tuesdays, so we can probably assume this year’s Holiday event will begin on Tuesday, December 11.

Whether or not that’s actually when Winter Wonderland will begin or if the “King Rat” skin will be in the game remains to be seen though.


Sneaky Overwatch trick lets Pharah & Mercy easily capture the point on Eichenwalde

Published: 24/Feb/2021 13:04

by Lauren Bergin


Overwatch’s Eichenwalde can be a pretty tricky map to take Point A on, but this perfect Pharah and Mercy combo will help you get a sneaky backcap. 

Pretty much every Overwatch fan knows that the Pharah/Mercy (dubbed ‘Pharmercy’) combo can be a nightmare to deal with. With the Middle Eastern DPS Rocket Boosting herself through the skies, getting pocket healed by our favorite Swiss Medic, the duo can be pretty unstoppable.

While players recently found a fun Junkrat combo that’s the perfect counter for Pharah on Eichenwalde, another Reddit user has found a sneaky backcap tactic that will keep her safe from the Australian’s explosive assault.

So, get ready to grab a Mercy main and take to Eichenwalde, because you might just be able to steal the show.

Pharah can be a nightmare to play into on Eichenwalde, especially with Mercy!

Pharah & Mercy Eichenwalde trick

A seen in a thread on the Overwatch Reddit, if you run Pharmercy on Eichenwalde then you can sneak around the castle’s exterior wall and sneak onto Point A.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to do so:

  1. Take a hard right when you leave Attacker Side Spawn.
  2. Use Pharah (or Echo) to Rocket Boost around the wall, hugging tight to the buildings.
  3. Follow the wall along until you find the gap in the ramparts by Point A.
  4. Jump on the site and let the chaos ensue.

This trick is perfect because it hides both characters from enemy sight, and also allows them to dodge the notorious choke point that leads up to the point.

As soon as they realize they’ve been duped it’ll force Defenders off the front line, therefore breaking their formation. Alternatively, if they aren’t paying attention then they’ll just drop the objective without even noticing.

On today’s episode of the adventures of a mercy main, I present a Pharmercy duo backcap within 30 seconds of comp round one. Seen stuff like this posted here by others, but honestly never thought it would happen for me lol. Super awesome feeling. from r/Overwatch

If you fancy taking to the beautiful aqua skies of Eichenwalde, then this is the perfect trick for you. Give it a go and see what happens, after all, you’ve got Mercy to keep you safe!