Is switching heroes good for Overwatch 2?

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Being able to switch heroes in Overwatch has been a part of the game since it first released in 2016, and Blizzard has added mechanics to incentivize switching teams up as games progress.

You’ll retain a bit of ultimate charge between switches, and there’s no delay on respawn- you don’t even need to die in order to switch.

Switching heroes has always been a powerful option to balance the odds, but as heroes have been released and hard counters have developed, it’s become even stronger, especially if the counter to a certain hero is meta.

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With the current meta favoring tanks like Orisa and Zarya, who both counter a wide variety of heroes, players have been debating if the option to switch heroes is even healthy for the game anymore.

Overwatch 2 players debate switching characters mid-game

One player, confused by some peoples’ reluctance towards switching characters, hopped onto the forms to ask why they were so against using the counter.

The answers were pretty negative, with one user answering: “It’s irritating to have to play the entire tank roster in one game because my opponent keeps on changing.

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start on hog, they go orisa, so I go dva, so they go zarya, so I go rein… it’s like a f*cking swapfest. I just wanna play one character for f*ck’s sake.”

Another player said: “People are way too reliant on meta, they refuse to play around odd picks. The amount of times people just threw because I went brig in Season 2 was too many. People have to learn to play outside the meta

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“However, as a player, you have to realize when something isn’t working and it may not be you feeling like you’re struggling.”

Ultimately it’s very unlikely that switching heroes is going anywhere anytime soon, seeing as it’s been part of the game since it released.

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