Is Junker Queen coming to Overwatch 2?

by Bill Cooney


After the big Overwatch 2 announcement from BlizzCon 2019, some players are wondering if or how the Junker Queen will fit into the new content.


The Junker Queen is definitely a fan-favorite character, but she never actually makes a direct appearance in the game or its cinematics.

She is referenced in Wrecking Ball's origin story and one of his sprays, as well as being the voice that welcomes you to Junkertown just after the first payload point.

Despite existing almost entirely in the game's background, there are a lot of Junker Queen stans out there who would like to see her join the cast of heroes.

Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard Entertainment
The Queen also shows up on various posters in Overwatch.



So, is Junker Queen coming to Overwatch 2?

Jeff Kaplan and the Overwatch team did assure fans that there were a lot of new heroes coming to the game in the future, they didn't go as far as to mention Junker Queen specifically.

But, Kaplan did say that PvE story and hero missions in Overwatch 2 would include backstory and lore on heroes.



Again, no direct mention of the Junker Queen, but if Wrecking Ball gets his own mission, it's not that hard to envision her popping up there.

She could also be involved in a possible Junkrat/Roadhog storyline, but again, this is all just speculation at this point.

Even though the status of Junker Queen remains in limbo, BlizzCon did fill us in on some other upcoming new Overwatch heroes.

Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard Entertainment
Sojourn was confirmed as an upcoming hero during BlizzCon 2019.


Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan confirmed that Sojourn would be a new hero coming to the game, but didn't say anything on when it would happen.

Sojourn seems to be a DPS hero based on the Overwatch 2 gameplay trailer, with a weapon that seems to be a mix of Soldier 76's and Zarya's weapons from the limited shots we see of her.

Echo also appeared in the Overwatch 2 cinematic, and in the gameplay trailer, but Kaplan didn't mention the blue and white robot during his time on stage.