Inspiring Overwatch 2 player coaches toxic teammate to a heartwarming win

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An Overwatch 2 player successfully coached their toxic teammate to a heartwarming win in a ranked lobby, showing that sometimes, you just need positivity to win games. 

Ranked lobbies can be quite a toxic place, and that’s not an exclusive issue in Overwatch. Competitive games have infamously been breeding grounds for toxic behavior over the years, resulting in many players refusing to even turn on their mics even in certain lobbies. 

Negative comments and hateful speech can be enough for anyone to lose motivation in a match, but one Overwatch 2 player simply wasn’t having it.

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In a particularly tense ranked game posted by Reddit user u/Wade35 on the Zenyatta, an ally Ashe started flaming the second DPS for allegedly not carrying their weight.

“S*** f***ing DPS on our f***ing team” they said once the first round ended. The kindhearted Zenyatta immediately fired back, “we are doing an amazing job.”

After much trash-talking from the Ashe, the Zenyatta calmly asked, “do you need someone to talk to?”

Despite the seemingly joking nature of the question, the Ashe surprisingly opened up a little bit, admitting they were just stressed in real life, which was resulting in their poor performance in the team.

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The Ashe calmed down and started to focus on their gameplay, as the Zen kept encouraging their team to keep positive. They would win the initial teamfight upon the round starting, basically guaranteeing a win. 

“Great job guys” the Zen said in response to them winning a crucial fight early into their attacking round. “We need positivity up in this b***, it’s a negative world right now” he said as they escorted the payload to the point for an emphatic victory. 

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The team’s win was not only celebrated by the Reddit commenters, but the OP was heralded as becoming the peace-advocating robot himself. “My man didn’t just pick Zenyatta, he fully embodied his philosophies and became Zenyatta,” one user replied in the comments.

So remember, if someone is being toxic in your ranked games, spreading some positivity can help you win games after all.

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