Insane Overwatch trick lets Sombra instantly disable turrets with Translocator

Sombra hacks foes on King's RowBlizzard Entertainment

Torbjorn can be one of Overwatch’s best counters to Sombra, but a new trick with the stealthy hero’s Translocator can render the Swedish dwarf’s turret completely useless.

Anyone who has ever played Overwatch knows that a good Sombra player can absolutely annihilate your backline. With the hero always cloaked, she can better time her engagements and assassinate supports.

This is why Torbjorn’s turret can come in so handy. By providing that added pressure, protection and damage, Sombra can have a hard time getting Hacks off forcing her out of a fight without getting much value.

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Luckily for Sombra mains, a special trick with her Translocator can disable the turret, allowing you to focus the backline, destroy the turret and build up for EMP.

Sombra gameplayActivision Blizzard
Sombra is always a threat while invisible.

As shown by Twitch streamer Questron, by tossing the Translocator at just the right angle, you can position it under the turret.

“There’s a specific sweet spot,” he explained. “You have to jump for it.”

After a couple of tries, the streamer got it to work and the turret was stuck trying to shoot the Translocator without ever actually damaging it. You can then be free to hack the turret or shoot it without taking damage yourself.

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This could also be a good tactic if you know the Torb is close to getting his Molten Core ultimate online and preventing him from getting any charge is of utmost importance.

It also means you can freely Hack the Torb so he can’t use Overload, making him more vulnerable to a dive from your tanks.

All this said, however, depending on your playstyle, having your Traslocator under a turret could be a very dangerous position for it, so be mindful of the enemy team’s positioning and your own strategy for the engagement.

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With Sombra, communication is key, so be sure to coordinate with your team. Having this trick in your back pocket could end up paying dividends in ranked, so give it a shot if a situation arises.

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