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Insane Overwatch trick lets Lucio use Sound Barrier on opponents’ heads

Published: 6/Mar/2020 19:29

by Michael Gwilliam


Although Lucio’s Sound Barrier is one of Overwatch’s most powerful support Ultimates, granting teammates 750 temporary shield health, it has one fatal flaw: it can be interrupted while being cast. Luckily, new tech has been discovered that can fix this problem.

Streamer ‘GreenThyme’ was riding walls as Lucio during a Rialto attack phase. His team had pushed the payload through A and were midway through the second point when an enemy Genji decided to strike.

The opposing Genji dashed towards GreenThyme and activated his Dragon Blade Ultimate, ready to rip the attackers to shreds.

Blizzard Entertainment
Lucio can be a tricky hero to pin down.

Sound Barrier is normally a great counter to Dragon Blade, but being so high up in the air while wall riding, there was a good chance that the streamer could be cut up and eliminated before he could even hit the ground to activate the ability.


Nevertheless, the Lucio player opted to use his Ultimate – and much to his surprise, he was able to “break it down” immediately by landing on the cyborg ninja’s head.

“Ahh!” the support cried. “I beated on his head!”

While the player never intended for his Sound Barrier to work this way, it was one heck of a move, and something that could potentially be used on purpose in the future – much to the chagrin of Genji mains everywhere.

Overwatch’s hit detection and player model interactions between enemy heroes is quite interesting, to say the least: For instance, while McCree can’t stand on top of a friendly Pharah, he can stand on top of an enemy one.


This video from 2017 shows a McCree and enemy Pharah in skirmish mode working together to allow the cowboy player to reach new heights, thanks to Pharah’s jetpack.

The end result is a McCree so high in the sky, he can use his Deadeye to kill everyone on the map, including his ride.

Those exact same attributes and hit detection are being applied to the Lucio beat drop. Next time you’re in a bind and need to get your Sound Barrier off quickly, try to land on an enemy’s head for a quick activation.