Insane Overwatch strategy shows how powerful Symmetra’s teleporter is

Brad Norton

It’s no secret that Symmetra’s teleporter is one of the best tactics to employ in order to catch your enemies by surprise in Overwatch, but this strategy on Temple of Anubis takes things to a whole new level.

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Overwatch has seen a plethora of balance updates recently and Symmetra was among those impacted, being met with nerfs to her beam width and overall damage.

Even with the nerfs, these changes haven’t stopped some crafty players from whipping out a surprise teleporter strategy from time to time.

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In a video posted to Reddit on September 28, user ‘paincake115’ demonstrated just how absurd this surprise Symmetra teleporter spot can really be.

Coming straight from the attacking spawn, a teleporter was positioned on the high ground above. Immediately following up, Reinhardt charged his way through and the momentum carried him from the high ground, straight into the enemy setup.

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Causing all sorts of chaos and having pinned the opposing Bastion in the process, within a matter of seconds Reinhardt found himself completely alone in the enemy backline.

Clearly stunned by what had just happened, the entire defending team turned to focus their attention on the Reinhardt and swiftly took him out before he could finish the elimination on Bastion. 

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It was a devious strategy that almost found success right out of the gate on Temple of Anubis. If the opposition hadn’t been so quick to react, the map might have played out a little differently had the Bastion been picked off so rapidly. 

If one thing is certain, no one would ever expect a Reinhardt to be hurtling through the sky towards them, so maybe the tactic is worth trying out in your own games soon.

Blizzard - Overwatch
Have you ever seen a Reinhardt on this section of the map before?
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Recently a competitive team showcased an ingenious teleporter strategy on the first point of Volskaya Industries that seemed near impossible to counter.

Despite recent bugs making the teleporter even more difficult to utilize, perhaps with all of these unique and hilarious strategies popping up, Symmetra could be far more meta than first thought.