Insane Overwatch team kill shows how Baptiste can be the deadliest support

Baptiste attacks on VolskayaBlizzard Entertainment

For many years, Zenyatta has been considered the most lethal support hero in Overwatch, with his Discord Orb causing targets to take extra damage and terrifying Orbs of Destruction – but a new clip shows why Baptiste may have taken the throne.

Baptiste has been considered very powerful since his release. With his kit consisting of Exo Boots to jump high, strong healing, an ability that makes teammates immortal and decent primary fire damage, he’s easily one the best heroes in the game.

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His ultimate, Amplification Matrix, also has the highest modifier in the game, causing any damage or healing fired through it to be doubled.

While Amplification Matrix can be great when combined with ally abilities (such as Reinhardt’s Fire Strike to instantly delete foes), using it just for Baptiste’s gain has its benefits, too.

Blizzard Entertainment
Baptiste may have overthrown Zenyatta as the deadliest support.

Revival star Rupal ‘Pascal’ Zaman showed off this fact in his Contenders bout against Odyssey when attacking on Volskaya Industries.

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In a clip from the match, Revival was desperate to clutch out a Point B capture with over a minute remaining. In the heated battle, Pascal went full DPS support.

After first taking out the enemy Sigma, Pascal went Super Saiyan, put down his Amplification Matrix and went to work.

With his damage doubled, it didn’t matter that his team had lost two players (which would normally spell doom for an attack in the 2CP game mode). Pascal held his own and killed the entire enemy team by himself.

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Even caster VikkiKitty was super impressed, remarking how Pascal single-handedly won the round for his team.

As you can see in the clip, Pascal was able to score a whopping six final blows in the attack within mere moments of one another, thanks to the Amplification Matrix.

Baptiste on NumbaniBlizzard Entertainment
It’s hard to miss shooting through the Amplification Matrix.

If you’re capable of landing your shots like Pascal, you can deal some insane damage. Baptiste’s primary fire does a maximum of 24 damage per round in a three round burst. When factoring in headshots and the Amplification Matrix, you’re looking at a whopping 288 damage.

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That’s enough to take down any non-tank in the game in just seconds. It’s definitely something to consider next time you feel the need to take matters into your own hands if the DPS on your team just isn’t getting the job done.

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