Insane Overwatch Mei wall trick is perfect for flanking on King’s Row

overwatch mm-mei skinBlizzard Entertainment

An insane new trick on Overwatch’s King’s Row gives Mei the perfect flank position to decimate defensive squads from. 

Overwatch’s extensive roster of DPS heroes features sharpshooters like Widowmaker, to time-jumping do-gooders like Tracer – but Chinese hero and scientist extraordinaire, Mei, is quite unlike the rest.

Blending a playful sense of humor and bubbly personality with slews of deadly icicles that rain terror from above, she’s become one of Overwatch’s most fearsome warriors, wreaking havoc in the right hands.

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It turns out there’s yet another little trick that the scientific genius has up her sleeve, and it gives her the perfect flanking position on King’s Row.

overwatch mei using her wallBlizzard Entertainment
Mei’s wall is probably one of her most powerful abilities, locking down escape routes to trap her prey.

Overwatch Mei wall gives her perfect King’s Row flank

Not only can Overwatch’s resident ice queen freeze her opponents in place, but she can also throw up a wall of sheet ice that is perfect for blocking off enemy vision or, alternatively, boosting allies into weird and wonderful places.

The latter is true of this fun little trick on King’s Row, the home of fiesty Englishwoman, Tracer, and her merry band of misfits.

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Using the wall to breach a small gap between one of the factory area’s infamous chasms and the upper level, Mei propels herself skyward by attaching her wall ability to a small screw jutting out from the opposing wall. Wrapping around onto the final point, she proceeds to decimate the defensive squad, clearing the way for her allies to escort the payload to safety.

“This is brilliant,” writes one player, asking “wonder if this is intended or if, like the Eichenwalde Junkrat rollout, it is a happy accident.”

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It’s more than likely to be the latter, as Blizzard have removed exploits like this in the past – especially when they start causing some real chaos. So, we’d advise giving this fun little trick a shot the next time that you drop into King’s Row, after all, it may not be around for much longer!

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