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Insane Overwatch play shows Roadhog’s hook is still ridiculous

Published: 5/Jan/2020 1:19 Updated: 6/Jan/2020 11:59

by Bill Cooney


A ridiculous new clip of Roadhog’s hook in action during deathmatch just goes to show how crazy the Overwatch ability still is.

Roadhog is one of Overwatch’s classic tanks, and even though it’s had its share of nerfs, his Hook has always been one of the wildest abilities in the game.

Even though you usually have to see who you’re hooking these days, a new clip from Reddit user Pantrajouer shows the ability can still be a ton of fun.

As everyone probably knows by now, Roadhog’s hook stuns whoever it hooks briefly before flinging them towards the hog himself.

It can grab heroes from out of the air and, as Pantrajouer shows, the same applies to opponents who are below Roadhog as well.

The clip starts with Hog being hooked to fall into the hole in the middle of the Necropolis Deathmatch map by another Roadhog player.

Before they can fall to their doom though, another Hog comes in and hooks them, trying to steal credit for the kill.

But it turns out no one would get credit because a third hook comes in and grabs the victim, slingshotting them out of the pit of doom and back onto the safety of solid ground.

So Roadhog’s hook may not be as wild as it was in the early days of Overwatch, but it still clearly has plenty of potential for craziness.

Blizzard - OverwatchRoadhog’s hook is rightly feared by Overwatch’s squishier heroes.

Roadhog’s hook could get an upgrade in the new OW 2 ability system as well, though we won’t know exactly what until Blizzard releases more information on the upcoming sequel.

In the meantime, Overwatch players have been coming up with their own ideas for new hero abilities, and Roadhog probably won’t be far behind.


Overwatch player shows that the Blizzard World roller coaster is deadly

Published: 3/Dec/2020 11:26

by Lauren Bergin


Thanks to a player hopping over the pond to the Blizzard World rollercoaster, Overwatch fans can finally get an insight into how the ride works. 

Blizzard World has become one of Overwatch’s most iconic maps. Featuring a whole host of little Easter Eggs such as the Heroes of the Storm Arcade, Diablo themed castle and Hearthstone Tavern, there’s one thing that fans have always wanted to take a look at: the roller coaster.

Decked out in the Hoarde themed banners featured in World of Warcraft, the roller coaster forms the perfect background to the Blizzard World battleground. When you’re not busy destroying the competition as Doomfist, it’s fun to take a moment to consider what a real-life Blizzard theme park would look like.

Well, as shown by one Reddit user, the roller coaster maybe isn’t something you’d want to take a spin on.

Overwatch Blizzard World Heroes Arcade
Blizzard Entertainment
The Heroes Arcade is just one of many Blizzard references.

How to get to the Blizzard World roller coaster

One user on Reddit decided that while exploring as Pharah, they would jump jet all the way across the lake to take a closer look at the mysterious WoW themed carnival ride.

User MrIconicPlus posted a video showing himself sitting on one of the castle parapets across from the Hearthstone Tavern. From here, they use Pharah’s jump jet to weave around obstacles to reach the roller coaster.

Providing us with a bird’s eye view, MrIconicPlus’ video sees the roller-coaster plunge into the ground and take incredibly sharp corners at high speeds, things that would most likely leave riders in a tricky spot.

This is how the roller coaster functions in Blizzard World from r/Overwatch

The comments are full of fans reacting to Blizzard’s slightly lackluster animations.

One user wrote a warning to the park management to fix their ride otherwise they ‘might get shut down for this’.


Another fan claimed that the roller coaster ‘needs a nerf’, because it’ll likely be one-shotting park goers left, right and center.


Finally, one player reminisced over their time creating virtual theme parks in the iconic Roller Coaster Tycoon, where often park attendees would fall out of roller coasters that were designed to go too fast or too high.


So while the Blizzard World roller coaster may look like a fun ride for thrill-seekers, it may not be the best idea to give it a whirl if the park is ever built in real life. It’s certainly a fun one for fans of Warcraft to look at, but riding it may bring you a little bit too close to becoming Forsaken and joining the Hoarde.