Insane Overwatch clutch shows why Echo mains should Duplicate Reinhardt - Dexerto

Insane Overwatch clutch shows why Echo mains should Duplicate Reinhardt

Published: 16/Apr/2020 19:24

by Michael Gwilliam


Echo is the newest hero added to Overwatch, and only a day after her official release, players are already showing some incredible skill and knowledge with the damage character.

Duplicate is one of the strongest Ultimates in Overwatch, allowing Echo to transform into an enemy player for fifteen seconds and gain a ridiculous Ultimate charge rate of 650%.

This means it’s possible to get multiple Ultimates as whichever Hero Echo decides to Duplicate, provided the animation is quick enough and you do enough damage or healing in the allotted time.

Blizzard Entertainment
Duplicate could be the best Ultimate yet.

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However, it’s not always about getting Ultimates with Duplicate, as Redditor ‘Wooboosted’ illustrated with an extremely intelligent clip.


In their video, the enemy team launches a Bomb in Wooboosted’s direction. While it seemed like the explosion would certainly eliminate the Echo player, the Redditor decided to act fast and Duplicate the enemy Reinhardt.

Right after completing the transform animation, the Echo prodigy held up his newly obtained shield to block the bomb, which only managed to pick off his Ana.

Swapping to Rein with Echos Ult just in time to block D.Va bomb and land a big shatter! from Overwatch

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Despite the fight being a 4v6, Wooboosted charged at the opposition and refragged, eliminating the enemy Ana from the fight.

The Charge kill was enough to grant the Redditor 100% on his Earth Shatter, and landed it perfectly as he found himself behind the enemy squad.


With the attackers now knocked to the floor, he, along with the rest of his team, were able to clean up their foes with help from a Fire Strike and some hammer swings.

Blizzard Entertainment
Focusing Beam is a great tool to clean up kills.

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To close it out, despite returning to the standard Echo form, the player used Focusing Beam and some Sticky Bombs to confirm kills onto the enemy and their Reinhardt, halting any further payload progress on Blizzard World.

As Dexerto pointed out in our guide, Reinhardt is one of the best heroes to use Duplicate on, and this clip illustrates why perfectly.

Players are still getting used to Echo and her power, but with plays like this already lightning up the kill feed, we’re bound to see many more highlights and innovations in the near future.