Insane Overwatch Baptiste bug allows hero to prevent a trillion damage

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch healer Baptiste flies under the meta radar for most support players, but a new bug is making him look like the strongest support in Blizzard’s iconic FPS. 

A lot Overwatch supports will naturally flock to iconic heroes such as Mercy and Lucio, leaving Haiti’s resident combat medic out in the cold.

Despite his low pick rate, an insane team kill by Overwatch Contenders star Rupal ‘Pascal’ Zaman proves that Baptiste really can be lethal in the right hands.

On the other side of the coin, though, this Overwatch player has proven that he can be as powerful defensively as he is offensively. Well, kind of.

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Baptiste Immortality fieldBlizzard Entertainment
Baptiste’s Immortality Field is perfect for keeping your allies safe.

Hilarious Baptiste bug

While we know that Baptiste’s Immortality Field can be quite the thorn in the enemy team’s side, it seems like there’s new bug inflating his defensive capabilities.

As shown on Reddit, one Baptiste player managed to prevent over one trillion damage in the space of one eight minute game.

Additionally, they were playing on Illios, ruling out the theory that he’s racked up points by preventing incoming damage from the cars on Oasis.

Therefore, the only answer is that there’s a bug in the Overwatch system, and it’s plaguing Baptiste.

Fans immediately devolve into memery

As you can image, this hilarious new discovery has Overwatch fans everywhere jumping on the comedy train.

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One fan asks in true Baptiste style “do you need a bandage for that?” and it’s pretty clear that the enemy team needed more than just the one.

Another comments on the fact that the player only received two votes despite the fact he blocked quite a bit of damage, with a final respondent simply commenting that “he’s built different.”

While this bug is pretty harmless, it’s something that the Overwatch devs will need to take a peek at. After all, imagine playing with your friends and one of them scores a trillion damage prevented. You’ll never hear the end of it.

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