Insane new Overwatch rollout lets Wrecking Ball fly through Hollywood

Blizzard Entertainment

An innovative Overwatch player on Reddit has shown off an absurd Hammond rollout, or “Ball boost,” when attacking Point A on Hollywood as a Wrecking Ball.

Rollouts present unique mobility opportunities dependent on character and map, as made incredibly popular by the assortment of dedicated Lucio mains in Overwatch. But Hammond mains are crafty too and, using the technologically gifted hamster’s grappling hook and a car, have figured out how to soar toward Hollywood’s Point A.

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Overwatch overhead view of HollywoodBlizzard
Getting to Hollywood’s Point A isn’t always the easiest thing for attackers to do.

A firm chokepoint stands between the attackers and defenders on Hollywood’s Point A, as a wide archway is easily defended and the narrow doorway to the side can easily spell disaster given how tightly it funnels attackers (particularly if the defenders have a Junkrat or something similar).

But when you can’t go through or around, you can sometimes go over. And Hammond mains can now do so, possibly faster than a Pharah, Echo, D.Va, or any other vertically mobile hero may be able to.

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As shown by ‘QuantumAwesome3’ on Reddit, Hammond can grapple directly out of spawn, using the first street post, past the first car, and then onto the second blue car to get a nifty boost upward and over the smaller hallway choke’s structure. This mobility then allows you to hastily soar over the choke and start your Piledrive, either directly onto the high ground defenders use to overlook the choke or onto Point A itself.

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In QuantumAwesome3’s case, they recognize that a defending Baptiste is utilizing the high ground for some safety and quickly drop onto him, landing that damage, and smartly bursting him down with Hammond’s Quad Cannons before he can use his Immortality Field as he drops back toward the point.

In a moment of impressive team cohesion, the attacking WB’s team is able to storm through the choke as the entire defending team tries to drop backward in the confusion spurred by the rollout’s aggression.

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Hammond Wrecking Ball OverwatchBlizzard Entertainment
The ability to seamlessly pull off a rollout enables Hammond to direct his team’s attack.

The defending team reacts as quickly as they can to the Wrecking Ball’s sudden arrival, but are forced to walk backwards toward the point as the rest of the hamster’s team pushes forward. This enables QuantumAwesome3 to put shots on the defending Soldier 76 next, who is forced to move off of his Biotic Field.

By the time Hammond has a defending team’s Roadhog in his face, he’s able to activate his shields and roll behind his Reinhardt’s shield. Capitalizing on that vehicle’s launchpad potential enables the attacking team to surge past the choke and hit the point, inspiring tank players everywhere.

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