Insane new Overwatch exploit is turning Torbjorn turrets invisible

Overwatch Torbjorn turretBlizzard

A ridiculous new Overwatch exploit may just be one of the most powerful Blizzard’s hero shooter has ever seen, with Mei’s Cryo-Freeze shockingly making Torbjorn’s turrets invisible.

The Overwatch community is always discovering new tricks with the 32 heroes on the game’s current roster. Whether it’s crazy flanks or powerful tech to reach new heights, there’s something new being uncovered almost every day.

Most of the new tactics focus on heroes in the meta rotation. However, the latest game-changing interaction comes from an unsuspecting figure. Torbjorn has always been a niche pick in competitive Overwatch. Though a new glitch might see him shoot to the top of your Damage-based picks.

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A cheeky interaction with Mei can change his turrets in a ridiculous way. Instead of peppering a target and being focused down near-instantly, a new exploit makes his gadgets more powerful than ever.

Overwatch gameplay on Route 66Blizzard
The invisible turret can be hidden anywhere, even the opposing spawn.

How Torbjorn’s turret can be turned invisible in Overwatch

The bug requires at least two players to coordinate, but results could outright change the course of a match. You’ll need your Torbjorn to fling his turret straight up into the sky. As it comes plummeting back down to the ground, Mei needs to be sat below in her Cryo-Freeze state.

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If the two abilities are lined up just right, they’ll awkwardly phase into one another. The turret will slowly drop down and disappear inside of the icicle. Executing this play on solid ground won’t change all too much, however. In order to make the turret outright disappear, you’ll need to be standing on a breakable guardrail.

Overwatch fails to process all three objects together, leading to an extremely powerful bug. Torbjorn’s turret stays in the game and will fire at nearby enemies, but it will be completely invisible.

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Neither the defenders nor the attackers will be able to see the deadly device. The only way to actually find it in the environment is to break every guardrail on the map.

Without knowing this, enemies will think they’re being hit by someone they can’t see. Before long, it could lead to a few eliminations, and totally change the match.

Obviously this exploit can be countered if you start on the defending side and simply blast down every breakable surface. It also takes a good amount of setup to actually place in-game. It won’t be the easiest thing to execute on in a competitive match.

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Nonetheless, it’s still capable of ruining the integrity of a match and buffing Torbjorn like never before. Keep your eyes peeled in your next Overwatch session, as Blizzard has yet to reveal when a fix might be deployed.

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