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Insane Lucio killstreak takes Overwatch's Play of the Game to a new level

Published: 14/Apr/2019 16:44

by Connor Bennett


One Overwatch fan used an ingenious method to secure themselves the Play of the Game title – combining Lucio’s Soundwave and his parkour abilities.

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Who is Lucio?

Lucio is one of the core characters in Overwatch, having been a part of the title’s ever-expanding roster since its launch back in May 2016.

The popular character, who has fans outside of the game itself, may not be the most powerful or damage dealing member of the roster but if you can time things right and have a little bit of patience, you’ll be rewarded with moments of magic.

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Blizzard EntertainmentLucio can wreak havoc in Overwatch with his speed and agility.

Lucio soundwaves to ten straight kills

In a post to the Overwatch subreddit, user Speedyg221, showcased their eye-catching Play of the Game closing highlight as they put an exclamation mark on their ten-player killstreak by dropping down on unsuspecting players.

The players used Lucio’s abilities to take them to a higher level within the Nepal map, getting into position behind enemy lines. As the opposition team prepared themselves for a planned hit on the control point, the Lucio dropped right behind and used Soundwave to throw four of the players off the map.

Speedyg221 wasn’t finished there, however, as they immediately jumped onto the point and helped secure it for their own team after eliminating an enemy Roadhog that had been trying their best to keep the game going by contesting.


Just your average reddit lucio from r/Overwatch

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Fans left wowed

The play cleared impressed other posters, who all wanted to know how the Lucio was able to drop down and complete a near full squad wipe with one swift move. “Oh my, yes. This makes me so happy it hurts,” commented one impressed Redditor.

Another decided that leaning into the classic David Attenborough wildlife commentary would be the best way to go to pay their compliments. “Watch this Reddit Lucio in his natural habitat, swoop down on his prey from above and secure the kills,” added poster MLGBlaze28.

Securing the Play of the Game title must have been the icing on the ten killstreak cake for Speedyg221, as such lengthy sprees aren’t always rewarded with the highlights.


Yet, when you’re able to achieve something as brilliant as their drop down wipe, it’s only right that everyone gets to relive it in the post-game portion of the match.